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Meet our team of experienced leadership consultants and coaches who work with small to medium sized [SMB] businesses.


Values-based leadership through a team of experienced professionals.

Our clients are at the heart of what we do. Our leadership team maintains a focus and commitment to delivering results that lead to lasting value for our clients. Our leadership team is an accomplished group of industry leaders with years of experience who share a passion for creating positive change for organizations and their leaders.


Dr. Richard M. Pfohl

Founder and President

Dr. Barry A. Doublestein

VP, Leadership Development Solutions

Dr. Walter T. Lee

VP, Healthcare Leadership Solutions

Richard Moormann

Strategic Partner, Consultant

Jeffrey Bettencourt

Strategic Partner, Consultant



What is our mission and what values form the foundation of our culture?

At Leadership Peaks, we help leaders and organizations reach their full potential by delivering measurable solutions that propel leaders, teams, and organizations to improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

Eight fundamental pillars (values) form the foundation of the Leadership Peaks culture:

  • Accountability. We do what we say we will do. Leadership accountability requires a level of ownership that involves making, keeping, and answering for personal commitments.
  • Authenticity. We seek genuine and honest relationships with our clients in order to provide solutions that achieve their desired results.
  • Excellence. We maintain the highest standards of excellence and achieve them by continually measuring and improving our results.
  • Innovation. We welcome change, encourage invention and continually seek better, more efficient ways to achieve results.
  • Results. We desire to build trust, embrace conflict, improve decisions and build accountability with all our clients towards the ultimate goal of the achievement of collective results.
  • Teamwork. We practice what we preach. As a cohesive team we work together to help you become a cohesive team that sets clear expectations and provides on-going feedback.
  • Transformation. We seek to inspire and motivate positive, sustainable and value-driven change that transforms leaders to reach their potential. We believe in the potential of everyone to be a leader or become a better leader.
  • Trust. We build relationships on the integrity, ability, and character of our leaders. It is through this bond of trust that we work together towards collective results.


How do we carry this out?

To carry out this mission and foster a culture of leadership, Leadership Peaks must:

  • Practice what we preach by connecting our values to our decisions
  • Cultivate leaders by focusing on character over competence
  • Practice self-awareness and cultural-awareness by understanding the impact of our actions and decisions
  • Enable others to act and have a voice so they can grow individually and professionally
  • Be catalysts for personal, team and organizational transformation
  • Be open to the ideas, critique and feedback of others
  • Recognize the value of our team, clients and suppliers and their leadership capacity
  • Raise the bar for excellence in all of our actions, decisions and interactions
  • Inspire and continually cultivate a higher level of performance and collective results that leads to lasting value for our clients


What gets us up in the morning and how does this passion help drive results into your organization?

Leadership Peaks provides simple frameworks that enable leaders and organizations to achieve their fullest potential. The implications of a lack of leadership are all around us. A growing need to consider ethical implications in business, political & social institutions cannot be bridged without leadership. Growing deficiencies in critical thinking skills, inabilities to conceptualize ideas, competing realities (e.g…work/life balance), causal relationships, and a rapid growth of information confuse and cloud the alignment of right thinking to right practice. Right thinking and right practice are crucial to organizational health and can only be addressed through leadership. It is through leadership that inspired action is becoming less commonplace in the marketplace of competing ideas and ideologies.

We have a fundamental belief that leadership is a shared learning endeavor and that all have the potential to lead. We seek to serve with those men and women who have the desire to tap into their own leadership potential and help solve these deficiencies. It is our aspiration to be leaders that inspire, motivate, and become catalysts for our team to have more opportunities for growth. Through this pursuit of excellence in leadership we desire to mobilize and cultivate leaders individually, within their teams and within their organizations. As we collaborate, share our struggles and shape our future we hope to inspire them to bridge the knowing-doing gap of knowing what to do and having the courage, character and commitment to do it. As their leader, mentor and ally we are committed to inspiring and motivating them to continually desire excellence in all they do, being a the role model of credibility that they deserve and enabling them to achieve their full potential in order to be all they can be.

Within this social process that enables use to work together as a cohesive team and to produce collective results we believe we can attain heights beyond what we can imagine by working together rather than working alone. Central to this process are the interactions and exchanges between our team. This process is greatly influenced by the beliefs and values of all of the team members, the quality of the relationships of our team, the formal structures and procedures we collaboratively establish, and our team’s desired outcomes. Collectively we believe we can elevate the current expectation of what it means to be a leader and ourselves become catalysts for others to want to strive for more, become change agents in their area of influence and generally raise the standard of what it means to be a leader. In order to make a significant impact upon our world we need to commit to creating a culture of leadership through the coaching and cultivation of one leader at a time.


Delivering results through a focus anticipation, alignment and achievement of value.

At Leadership Peaks, we maintain a focus on achieving results for our clients. Our focus helps us to anticipate, align and achieve value for our clients and sustainable growth for the years to come.This focus defines how we will work, what we will value, how we will strive and the benefit of this focus.

  • We Anticipate bigger & better IDEAS which reduces ambiguity and leads to improved FOCUS through Anticipatory & Strategic Leadership solutions.
  • We Align team and organizational INTERACTIONS (tacit and explicit) which reduces chaos and complexity and leads to increased SIMPLICITY through Situational & Transformational Leadership solutions.
  • We Achieve your desired IMPACT which reduces apathy and leads to enhanced MOTIVATION & INSPIRATION through Authentic & Resonant Leadership solutions.


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