Our team works with you to plan, design and deliver assessment solutions that deliver excellence and drive optimal performance into your organization.


In 1879 the term psychometrics was initially referred to and defined by Francis Galton as "the art of imposing measurement and number upon operations of the mind." Modern day psychometrics or psychological evaluations focus on identifying what is happening within one’s psychological life that may be preventing them from behaving or feeling in more appropriate or constructive ways. Another use of psychological evaluation is to better understand an individual's unique characteristics or personality so as to predict workplace performance, team dynamics, cultural values and/or customer relationships. Whether you are looking to build an assessment based on behavior, personality, cognitive abilities, competencies, attitudes, mindset, traits, practices, values or any other domains we can help you move your assessment from ideation to implementation.

For over 20 years our team has been working with organizations to help them plan, build and administer assessments that meet the needs of their leaders, teams and culture. Our team will spend the time necessary to help you design and develop your leadership, team, culture, strategy and/or 360 assessments. Our team of experts has years of experience working with DiSC theory, FIRO theory, Emotional Intelligence, Psychological Types theory, Rasch model, Team effectiveness theory, Teaming, OCAI, Competing Values Framework, Change theory, Performance theory as well as Organizational cultural studies. Our focus is to provide you with a tool as well as a program that will help your organization successfully identify ways of improving your leaders, teams and culture. 

Benefits of our Assessment Solutions

The benefits of working with Leadership Peaks to design, develop and deliver your Assessment Solutions begins with our Engagement Process that is designed as an insightful, thorough and customer-centric analysis which provides you with:
An analysis of your current situation
Planning and research of best practices for your desired solution
Design and development of your assessment solution
Planning around piloting and testing your assessment
Evaluation of scoring methods for your assessment solution
Defining methods for working with correlations and co-variances
Implementing techniques like factor analysis, multidimensional scaling, and data clustering
A focus on reliability and validity of your scoring system
A road map including a longer-term plan for assessment enhancements

Why choose Leadership Peaks

We work closely with all of our clients at every step of the assessment process, from conception of the right assessment solution for your organization through the administration, scoring and reporting of your assessment solution. Our experience, combined with our methods, allows us to create exceptional assessments aligned with your specifications in mind that are delivered quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

We've helped countless organizations like yours improve operations and optimize their people, process and technology to support growth.

Simple and straightforward engagement process

Your Leadership Peaks team will uncover your needs and develop a go-forward approach that aligns with your vision and strategy. You'll receive an individual assessment tailored to your specific needs—whether you want a holistic review of your entire organization, or a deeper analysis of a specific, or cross-functional process.

Each engagement begins with a discovery of your current needs following this engagement process:

The insights gained from this analysis help determine where attention should be focused to provide you the best solution for your organization.

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