How To Create A Diverse Workplace

December 27, 2018 by Leadership Peaks Management Advice

Creating a diverse workplace can and should be a business goal of yours in 2019. Diversity is a great thing for business, diverse teams are more engaged and they perform at a higher level. In fact, diverse companies are 33 percent more likely to reap higher financial returns. Diversity also leads to an increase in production from the variety of knowledge that each person adds. Today we will discuss how to create a diverse workplace.
Developing a diverse workplace starts with your recruiting team. They must be aware of your goal to create a diverse workplace. Work with your recruiter to reach out to job agencies an trade schools. Both of these offer an opportunity to find because these places also value diversity.
You should also offer employee training on equal opportunity employment. Guidelines for this can be found on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission website. Certain workplace amenities can also help in creating a diverse workplace. Some examples are offering accommodation to cultural and religious holidays, on-site daycare, and flexible schedules. 
If you want to find out how diverse your company is, try taking a census that includes the following information.
Religious affiliation
Sexual orientation
When the census is finished,  compile the information and identify where your company lacks in diversity. After this, an action plan should be started to provide employees with a more diverse workplace. 
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