How To Lead Your Team Into A Successful Holiday Season

November 3, 2018 by Leadership Peaks Management Advice

Halloween has passed and Thanksgiving is a mere 3 weeks away. With Thanksgiving comes the retail rush with Black Friday to start things out. The holidays can be an excellent time to make revenue but don’t forget that your team also needs a leader. To be a great leader during the holiday season, you should focus on these 5 things.
1. Take a day to focus on a charity outside the store. Offer an opportunity for your employees to practice team building at a soup kitchen or a holiday gift drive. This improves communication and camaraderie with your employees when they feel encouraged by giving back. 
2. Don’t let the stress of the holiday rush ruin your holiday or your employees. Emphasize that you have an open door policy and check in with them frequently. Make sure you’re treating them well and not turning into a grouchy grinch.
3. Plan a workplace holiday celebration. Even if it is a simple luncheon, a small get together can refocus your employees and allow them to blow off steam outside of the working environment. 
4. Make sure you schedule their holiday time off in advance. Scheduling around the holidays can be extremely hectic. You don’t want anyone to loose out so be sure to encourage them to meet the scheduling deadline. This will eliminate many headaches for you and your employees.
5. Make sure you provide your employees with all the tools they require to have a successful holiday season. Employees cannot be successful if their leader is not providing them with the tools to do so. 
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