How To Lead Your Team Successfully Into The New Year

December 19, 2018 by Lauren Management Advice

In the next week, we will say goodbye to another year and ring in a new one. People will make resolutions and to do lists for the new year. This is especially important if you are in a leadership position at a business. With the new year will come new challenges that leaders must face. Your team will be looking to you for guidance for a smooth transition. Today we will discuss how to lead your team successfully into the new year. 

First you must set a strategy for the new year. This should be done with your team. A good time to do this would be the week after Christmas. At this point, things will have calmed down from the holiday chaos and you will be able to communicate better. You might want to pick 5 things with your team that you would like to improve upon in the new year. Have a roundtable discussion to make sure everyone's voices are heard. 

If you want to build a stronger and more cohesive team in 2019, consider doing a team building outing. This is a great way to celebrate the new year as well as a way to hit the ground running on building a stronger team. Once they have completed the team building exercises, encourage them to practice what they have learned at the office. Reward them with a perk such as a gym membership or small gift cards when they have practiced these exercises successfully.

Your team must also be aware of the end goal of the new year's changes. You as a leader must clearly explain to them why these changes are going into place. Share with them all the positives of these changes and how it will benefit them and the company. If things do not go as planned, you must be ready to guide the team and yourself down an alternate path.

There should be key players in your new year's plan. These are the folks that will assist in meeting your goals. They need to be ready to handle any skepticism from employees that may not be interested in change. They must also help in delegating tasks to complete these goals, however, their most important job is to keep the energy and morale high along with you.  

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