How to make your business more eco-friendly

December 17, 2018 by Rick Pfohl Management Advice

Sustainability is a very important aspect of running a business in this day and age. There are many ways to run an eco-friendly business that are surprisingly affordable. You can achieve a small amount of sustainability without having to invest in solar panels and other expensive eco-friendly options. Today Leadership Peaks will explain how to make your business more eco-friendly.

One of the simplest ways to reduce your carbon footprint in the workplace is to recycle paper and use already recycled paper. You can also opt for paperless billing and invoices. Many businesses are now offering incentives to clients who choose paperless billing. This can be something as simple as a small percentage off of a bill. Be sure to offer each employee a recycle bin to use. 

You can also sign up for a toner recycling program. Many of the larger print companies such as Staples and Xerox now offer the option to send the toner back to be refilled. Businesses can also save money on their electric bills with LED and CFL light bulbs. They are slightly more costly but will end up saving money because they last 50 times longer. 

If you want to get your employees involved, you can always encourage them to start a ride share program. This can be an easy incentive to sell because it will save gas. You should also ditch that soda machine and purchase a water fountain with a refillable container. Employees can also practice other types of sustainability by bringing reusable water bottles, utilizing reusable cutlery, and remembering to turn their computers off at night. Once in a while, remind them to recycle too.

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