It Takes P.R.A.C.T.I.C.E. to Become an Effective Facilitator

February 27, 2018 by Leadership Peaks Management Advice

I originally wrote this as a post but it was too big so I decided to create it as a simple article. When I am asked how to become more effective as a facilitator I also say it takes P.R.A.C.T.I.C.E.
Recently I ran into this article that gave the "Top 11 Skills of An Effective Facilitator" by Hannah Feldberg-Dubin. I thought she did a good job of identifying the essentials and I added a quick summary below to each of them:
1. YOU’RE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING - Spend the time preparing beforehand and define what success looks like before you enter the room.
2. YOU KNOW WHO’S IN THE ROOM - Know your audience, create a dynamic environment and set the tone as well as the expectation.
3. YOU’RE ABLE TO CREATE AN INCLUSIVE ENVIRONMENT - Be mindful of your audience, engage everyone and connect them to the outcomes.
4. YOU EFFECTIVELY SET GUIDELINES & 5. YOU’VE MASTERED THE ART OF GIVING CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS - Set the agenda, clarify objectives, set parameters and provide instruction for any activities and/or outcomes that need further explanation.
6. ACTIVE LISTENING IS A FAVORITE WORKOUT - Create alignment between the participants experiences and outcomes.
7. YOU MANAGE TIME LIKE A REFEREE - Keep focus and attention on the outcome and be time-sensitive.
8. YOU’RE THE FACILITATION VERSION OF MARY POPPINS - Change direction/approach if necessary but remain focused on the outcomes.
9. YOU’RE AN ENERGY GAUGER - Continually scan the room and gauge their engagement then adjust as necessary.
10. YOU’RE FLEXIBLE AND ABLE TO ADAPT ON THE FLY - It's about the participants not the material. Don't fall in love with the material, facilitate to the outcomes/objectives in order to keep the audience engaged. Having to get through material is not the objective. Engaging, collaborating, interconnecting...etc. with the audience is the objective. Whether it is a workshop, conference or a classroom you want to motivate your audience to engage what you are facilitating.
11. NEUTRAL FACILITATOR VS. FACILITATOR WITH AN AGENDA - Facilitate the outcome not your agenda, remember the goal of the session is not necessarily for your agenda but for their benefit. This needs to be drawn out.
Between P.R.A.C.T.I.C.E. and this article is there anything else missing in order to become an effective facilitator?

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